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Wag nang sumuko! Duterte threatens to shoot communist rebels


President Rodrigo Duterte is fed up with communist rebels who attack despite declaring a ceasefire and harm even women and children.

Duterte on Tuesday (December 18) threatened to shoot communist rebels because they “do not deserve mercy.”

“P***** i** don’t surrender anymore because if I see you again I will shoot you. Wala nang surrender-surrender because you are a cruel and brutal people. You do not… The national media is here. You do not deserve mercy,” he said in a speech at a barangay summit in Davao City.

Duterte slammed members of the New People’s Army for allegedly attacking women and children.

“You would harass even the women. What? You cowards,” he said.

Duterte said it’s better to kill communist rebels because they extort money from people as long as they are alive.

“Even if the Human Rights are there, I’ll shoot an NPA. Are you an NPA? While I’m facing you, I will shoot you,” he said.

The President said he’s also tired of accepting rebels who surrender to the government.

“I will no longer accept those who surrender. I can’t afford to feed them anymore,” he said.

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