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‘Wag ninyong solohin! Duterte says he will declare war on China if it seizes oil, uranium in West PH Sea


President Rodrigo Duterte has revealed what woud trigger him to declare war on China – oil and uranium.

While he considered China President Xi Jinping a good friend, Duterte said he would not think twice about unleashing the country’s soldiers to fight China if it decided to take full control of the oil and gas reserves and uranium in the Philippines’ rightful claim in the disputed boundaries of South China Sea.

“Sabi nila wala akong ginawa, wala akong sinabi. Well, hindi ko sinabi. I don’t bother answering critics,” said Duterte in a speech in Cebu City.

“Sabi ko, ‘Mr. Xi Jinping, we also have a claim. You know we have the award. But I will not insist on recovering the award because it would result in a war, and it will be a massacre. I know. But please be it noted that one day during my term, I will assert’,” he said.

“Ang assert ko, ano?Iyong oil. Eh kung solohin mo, gu — gulo talaga ‘yan. Because if you struck oil now, ano ba naman (higupin mo pa) ‘yang dagat? ” he said.

“Pero putang ina ‘yung mga uranium diyan, ‘yung mga… Ah mahirap ‘yan. Iyong oil, mahirap ‘yan. Diyan magkadiperensiya na tayo, diyan mo na makita si (Interior Secretary Eduardo) Año magdala ng sundalo (to strike the Chinese),” he added.

Duterte has been savaged for not lifting a finger on Chinas encroachment on Philippine territory in the South ChinaSea, specificacally not invoking the United Nation tribunal’s which rejected China’s nine-dash line and upheld the Philippines’ claim.

Citing a United States Geological Survey study in 2010, the website said: “There is a 95 percent chance that there is at least 750 million barrels of oil in the South China Sea Platform, a median chance of around 2,000 million barrels, and a low probability (5 percent) of over 5,000 million barrels. Geologists have recently stated that the South China Sea Platform is an area rich with source carbon and has the perfect geological conditions necessary for hydrocarbon development, particularly oil.”