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‘Wag patayin! 98% of Pinoys want drug suspects arrested alive: SWS


By Prince Golez

An overwhelming majority of 98 percent of Filipinos want drug suspects to be captured alive, according to the latest survey of Social Weather Stations (SWS) said.

This was 3-percentage point higher than in a similar survey in September 2017.

The June 2018 poll showed that only 4 percent said it is “not important” to capture drug suspects alive.

The Philippine National Police has insisted that drug suspects killed in anti-drug operations either resisted or fought back during arrest.

The number of police officers killed or injured in the government’s war on drugs proved that drug suspects were indeed resisting arrest, the police said.

SWS, however, said 26 percent of the 1,200 respondents believe the police are not are “not telling the truth” about such claims. Those who said the police are “telling the truth” stood at 27 percent, while 47 percent were undecided.

The same survey said 86 percent believe that the police consider it “important” to capture drug suspects alive, while 14 percent said it is “not important.”

Three percent were undecided.

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