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‘Wag puro Netflix! Leonen urges Pinoys to join fight vs. COVID-19 despite staying at home


Supreme Court (SC) Justice Marvic Leonen on Saturday (March 28) urged the public to contribute in the fight against the deadly 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We endeavor to understand the enormity of the challenge ahead of us not to overwhelm ourselves with anxiety but to discern what we can do, individually and as part of a community, at this moment,” read his latest Twitter post.

“Humanity thrives when it is challenged and acts with wisdom rather than fear,” the magistrate pointed out.

In his Twitter posts, Leonen has been making various suggestions on what some sectors could do to help out.

“Can the Telcoms and the BPOs now assist do Contact Tracing?” he asked.

“Can hotels and AirBnBs house the homeless for the duration of this crisis?” he also sought.

Leonen also suggested to casinos to offer their facilities “as COVID testing and recovery centers” since these have “rooms for all health workers who will have to quarantine” as well as large kitchens and premises not near congested areas.

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