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Wag tularan! De Lima tells AFP: ‘Damaged’ Duterte needs professional help


Whether President Duterte was said in jest his “order” to government troops to shoot women rebels in the genitals, Sen. Leila de Lima on Tuesday said the Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP) should not allow its members to be manipulated by the Chief Executive to satisfy his own brutality and bloodlust.

“They will be weaponized to become the very monsters and inflict the very same horrors that they have sworn to protect the state against,” De Lima said in reminding- the AFP of the possible consequences of their actions.

The senator joined those who have denounced the President for his “shoot in the vagina” remark recently.

The President cracked a joke when he hosted more than 200 former rebels for snacks in Malacanang saying that he will order the soldiers not to kill female New People’s Army (NPA) members but shoot them in the vagina.

“He is a corruption that will destroy the institution and the very essence of being a Filipino soldier. I will go out on a limb and say that that is not what they are sacrificing their lives and their family’s happiness for. Dear soldiers, brave men and women of the Philippine armed forces, let it not be,” De Lima said.

The senator and staunch critic of the President said this latest controversial remark of Duterte proved once again that he is a threat rather than a protector of the Filipino people.

“He is no leader. He is no ‘strong’ man. He is a damaged man. I even pity him, because the damaged person he has become could not have come from healthy experiences. The man needs to seek professional help,” she said.

It’s ironic, De Lima said, that such remarks of the President came a few day before Valentine’s Day.

“Duterte has again demonstrated that he is a gift that keeps on giving – a gift as unwanted as misogyny, pointless violence, and assault against law, human rights and human decency inflicted upon an unwilling audience,” she said.

Such pronouncements coming from the President seemed to imply that its but a fitting punishment because such women preferred joining rebel forces over raising children, De Lima said.

“What Duterte said in the past, and to echo it again now that he has terminated peace talks with the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines), is a threat. It isn’t a threat against the rebels. It is a threat against the soldiers he purports to lead and it is a threat against us, the Filipino people,” she said.

“It is a threat against soldiers because they are being ‘led’ by a person who is unworthy of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them, much less as their commander-in-chief. Why? Because this is a man that would take the honor, dignity, integrity, patriotism and professionalism of a Filipino soldier, and manipulate it to satisfy his own brutality and bloodlust,” De Lima said.