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Waiting as vice governor for 10 to 20 years is terrible: Mag-negosyo ka na lang or ipa-ambush mo governor, ipahiram ko DDS – Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes that only a minority of the vice governors in the country eventually move up to take over as governor.

In a speech before the League of Vice Governors, Duterte said: “I’m sure you are here to maybe listen of how to become the governor without trying.

Hindi ganon ‘yan. All by the averages, a third of you will become governor kung hindi mo kapartido ‘yung governor ninyo.”

Duterte said without a strong party as backer, vice governors have very little chance of beating incumbent governors. Duterte said vice governors were better off finding a new career than spend the decades waiting to replace the governor. “Kung hanggang — hanggang vice governor ka na lang, ah ‘wag ka na lang… Ilang election? P***** i** mag-retire ka na lang,” said Duterte.

“Kung sabihin mo 10 years, 20, vice — mahirap ‘yan. Buti pa magnegosyo ka, mas marami pang pera makuha mo,” he added. But for those who determined to be governor, Duterte deadpanned that they could opt to liquidate the governor and succeed him.

“I’m sure a third of you will become governors. Sigurado ‘yan, sigurado ‘yan kasi patayin mo ‘pag hindi mo…t*** i**. Ipapatay mo para hindi rin matagal. O magtakbo pa ‘yan ng another two years ‘di ilan ‘yan, six years? Eh di gastusan mo na lang kung may naiwan diyan na mga — 100,000 go na ‘yan. Pa- ambush mo na lang para madalian,” said Duterte.

“Pero ang advice ko talaga sa totoo lang, kung gusto mong madalian patayin mo na para ano…Pero huwag mong sabihin utos ko. Pero pagka hirap ka… How to be the governor without — with the help of alam mo na. Magkaibigan man tayo lahat. May DDS (Davao Death Squad) ako diyan ipadala ko sa inyo… Hindi, biro lang ‘yan,” he added.

Duterte said the vice governors could also ask for his help in leading projects in their provinces to “compete” with projects of the governor.

“May problema kayo, tapos you want it solved and you need not have the intervention or the intercession of the governor, you are free to come to me. Maski ano, just have an appointment with me. Kung ano man ‘yan ang gusto ninyo, ibigay ko sa inyo,” said Duterte.

“Kung gusto mo tapatan ‘yang project ng governor, lalo na ‘yung mga pangit, ah okay sige tapatan natin. Pero ‘yung mga governor na maganda, ah ‘wag ‘yan kasi tabla-tabla lang,” he added.

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