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Wala man lang tanong? De Lima slams House panel for approving Office of President’s budget swiftly

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Senator Leila De Lima has scored her counterparts in the House of Representatives for swiftly approving the Office of the President’s (OP) proposed budget for 2020 out of courtesy, without even questioning the multi-billion-peso intelligence fund allocation.

De Lima said Wednesday (September 11) that Duterte should justify the OP’s P4.5-billion allocation for Confidential, Intelligence and Extraordinary (CIE) expenses.

She described the allocation as “way too much for an office” since it can tap other government agencies for gathering intelligence.

“There is no sense for an executive office to ask for the highest confidential and intelligence funding than any other security and law enforcement agency in the government,” De Lima said.

De Lima expressed doubt that Duterte can justify his huge intelligence fund allocation, noting that Malacañang has been the source of “rubbish matrices” featuring critics and media organizations.

The OP’s intelligence funds are not subject to audit by the Commission on Audit.

Addressing her fellow lawmakers, De Lima said: “As we extend the necessary courtesies due our counterparts in the executive, we ought to remember that we also have the bounden duty to safeguard public interest against abusive and anomalous practices.”

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