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Wala na kaming utang! Prieto-owned Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee claim tax liabilities settled in 2012

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The Prieto-owned Philippine franchise holder for Dunkin’ Donuts has denied the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s claim that it failed to pay nearly P1 billion in taxes in 2007.

Golden Donuts Inc. (GDI) said in a statement that the tax liabilities assessed by the BIR for 2007 were already settled in 2012.

“Further, it has always been compliant with all tax laws and regulations, as evidenced by tax clearances issues by the BIR over the years,” it said.

The BIR has filed tax evasion charges against top officials of GDI over its failure to pay taxes for 2007. Inclusive of surcharges and interest, the amount owed by the company to the government has ballooned to P1.1 billion.

Based on the results of the BIR’s investigation, GDI was found to have underdeclared its sales by 39 percent and its royalty income by P38.9 million.

GDI, however, said the sales of its franchisees– which the BIR factored into its investigation– should not be attributed to the company.

“All GDI franchisees are business entities separate from GDI that are responsible for paying their own taxes,” it said.

GDI said it is ready to answer the tax evasion charges filed by the BIR “in the proper forum.”