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Wala ‘yan! Bugok lang na presidente gumagamit ng martial law – Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte said that only a foolish leader would consider declaring martial law.

Duterte made the statement amid what he called the looming disaster of terrorism in the country.

“We have a disaster coming up but that disaster is… I’m sure we will not allow it.My military will not allow it. My police will not allow it. ‘Yan ang masiguro ninyo. Kaya ayusin nilang mabuti kasi ako, I’m not making any threats,” said Duterte during the post-typhoon briefing in Albay.

“Yang martial law-martial law, wala ‘yan. Kalokohan ‘yan. Bugok lang na presidente maggamit niyan. It’s an overused, abused word, martial law. And even its practice,” he added.

Duterte said he has ordered the police and military to stay alert for the rise of terrorism. “As far as we are concerned in government, wala pa naman. I hope it would not come. Ang takot lang namin dito — the only fear is that the ISIS would move inner from the Sulu islands. It might travel to Mindanao. Ayan ang problema,” he said.

Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao in Mindanao in 2107 following the Marawi Siege and has extended it to the end of this year. Duterte also idolized former President Ferdinand Marcos who declared martial law in 1972 to extend his term.

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