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Walang hassle! Duterte assures communist leaders’ safety on PH return


President Rodrigo Duterte has assured communist leaders of their safety should they decide to return to the Philippines to take part in the resumption of peace talks.

In a press briefing Friday (April 13) after his return from Hong Kong, Duterte said he is willing to spend taxpayers’ money to achieve peace with the communist movement.

“I have invited everybody outside of the Philippines who are communist members to come home, the leaders, and we can talk,” he told reporters in Davao City.

“I will give them my personal and official guarantee na during the two months na magpunta sila dito, they will not be arrested, they will not be molested, and they will not be whatever, caused any inconvenience,” he added.

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison has been living in exile in The Netherlands for close to three decades.

While Duterte is willing to return to the negotiating table, he said the New People’s Army must declare a ceasefire for the peace talks to resume.

“Ito una ko, this is really the ceasefire. No taxation, no atrocities, no nothing. Just come here as a plain citizen, you are protected by our policy of re-approachment with an open heart…,” he said.