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Walang hindi nagbibili ng boto! Duterte: Vote-buying ‘integral’ to Philippine elections

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By Prince Golez

Vote-buying during election is part of the Filipino culture, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

“The practice of buying votes has been an integral part of an election in the Philippines,” said Duterte during a media briefing in Davao City Monday.

The President claimed the vote-buying is practiced by everyone.

“Yang pagboto, lahat ‘yan. Walang hindi nagbibili ng boto dito maniwala ka. ‘Yang… Walang hindi nagbibili ng boto. Sinong — ituro mo kung sino ang hindi nagbili ng boto,” according to him.

“You know when you start to give money… Sabi ko nga sa COMELEC, it is not because I’m buying the vote of the fellow, it’s because I’m giving him money to go to the presinto, cast his vote, and go home. Hindi naman lahat ng tao may pera. Or you send food to your leaders who are here sacrificing and waiting for the food to eat so that they can last until the last vote is counted,” he explained.

Duterte said candidates will continue this culture of corruption for as long as poverty in the Philippines remains a challenge.

“We are becoming poorer and poorer. Nobody can till the land, improve the land and the communist are there asking for money, asking for food and everything. And they think that they are on the right track,” the President said.

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