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Walang kasing tuso! Find out how Mislatel backstabbed Chavit to switch to Duterte crony Dennis Uy in 3rd telco bidding

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For all his money, Davaoeño businessman Dennis Uy couldn’t get a telco with an existing franchise to partner with him for the selection of the country’s third telco player.

In an act of desperation, Uy joined forces with a telco that already has an exclusive agreement with a contender in the third telco race so he could take part in the bidding.

Documents obtained by Politiko shows Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company Inc. (Mislatel) has an exclusive agreement with DigiPhil, a subsidiary of TierOne Communications International Inc.

TierOne partnered with business group of former Ilocos Norte governor Luis “Chavit” Singson to form Sear Telecom for the bidding of the third telco rights. However, the consortium was disqualified at the last minute due to its failure to pay a P700-million participation security, which was a requirement for the bidding.

Mislatel is among the companies that make up the Mislatel Consortium Uy used to participate in the selection for the third telco. Other firms in the group are China Telecommunications Corporation, and the businessman’s Udenna Corporation and Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation.

Under the agreement that Mislatel and Digiphil signed on May 30, 2018, Digiphil has exclusive rights to use Mislatel’s frequencies. It also has the right of first refusal in case another party is interested to purchase its equity stakes.

Mislatel was granted a 25-year congressional franchise in 1998.

In the days leading to the third telco’s selection, DigiPhil got wind of Uy’s under the table efforts to partner with Mislatel. The company’s co-chairman, Jonathan Bentley-Stevens, wrote the National Telecommunications Company on October 12 to inform it of Digiphil’s exclusive agreement with Mislatel.

Despite Digiphil’s letter, NTC declared Mislatel Consortium as the provisional third telco player.

Under the terms of reference NTC drew up for the bidding, however, the P700-million participation security paid by Mislatel should be forfeited in favor of the commission since it submitted documents which were either falsified or containing false information.

The multibillion-peso question now is: Will NTC run after Uy for resorting to illegal means to become the third telco?