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Walang makakaagaw! Duterte: PH Rise is ours

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President Rodrigo Duterte made it clear that the Philippine Rise is part of the country’s territory amid reports that China is interested in it.

“The Philippine Rise or the Benham Rise is ours. And the continental shelf that extends subterranean, if it reaches Guam, then Guam is ours,” he declared in a press conference in Davao City Friday (February 9).

“Benham Rise or the Philippine Rise belongs to the Philippines. We will claim exclusive ownership of the economic zones,” he added.

Philippine Rise is an undersea plateau located off the coast of Aurora.

Duterte made the statement on the Philippine Rise following reports that China conducted research in the area to have naming rights to certain undersea features.

He said he is ready to partner with China on exploration projects because the Philippines does not have the funds to undertake them on its own.

“We can start partnerships. If you want really to help to help us which you proclaim, you want,” Duterte said.