Walang pag-asa? Duterte thinks Imee Marcos won’t win as president

Walang pag-asa? Duterte thinks Imee Marcos won’t win as president

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Ever since the late President Ferdinand Marcos was airlifted to Hawaii in 1986, his wife and children have not stopped dreaming of making a comeback to Malacanang.

But President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t believe the family will fulfill its dream through Marcos’ eldest daughter, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos.

“She’s not going to win as President, but you can’t have anything to say against her about…,” said Duterte in a speech endorsing administration bets in Cagayan de Oro.

But Duterte is endorsing Imee’s bid for senator where he thinks she is more than qualified.

“Look at her credentials. When she was younger, she joined the Kabataang Barangay as the national chairman. Imee is the most knowledgeable about government. Believe me when I say that.Who will you compare her with? Wala. They (Otso Diretso bets) are only capable of empty promises. But with Imee, she would engage in discussions,” said Duterte.

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