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Walang patawad! Bilyonaryo’s son gets beaten up by Ateneo bully


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Not even a bilyonaryo’s son was spared from bullying by the now infamous taekwondo practicing bully studying at the Ateneo De Manila University Junior High School (ADMU JHS).

Politiko has watched the video showing the young heir of one of the country’s top conglomerates being punched by the bully because he was allegedly interested in buying an item the bully was also eyeing.

The one minute, 50-second video showed the bully confronting the bilyonaryo’s son about the item he wanted to buy in the open lot behind one of the school’s buildings.

The bully appeared to be incensed when the bilyonaryo’s son denied wanting to buy them item he wanted even though he had asked for its price from a certain “Ira.”

“I wouldn’t. He said ‘no,'” the bilyonaryo’s son said as the bully punched him in the face.

The bully kept on punching the bilyonaryo’s son, who started moving backward and away from the camera in a bid to protect himself.

The bilyonaryo’s son refused to take on the bully’s offer to punch him, telling the latter instead to listen to his explanation.

The bully, however, responded: “‘Wag mong sabihin ‘yan kasi alam kong bibili ka!”

In between getting punched and kicked, the bilyonaryo’s son reiterated that he was not interested in buying the item that the bully wanted.

The bully tried to goad the bilyonaryo’s son into fighting him but he refused.

“‘Di ako lalaban sa ‘yo. Alam kong may mali ako,” the bilyonaryo’s son told the bully.

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