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American singer and actress Bette Midler has named President Rodrigo Duterte as among the world’s worst leaders, alongside heads of state noted for their brutality like the late German Chancellor and Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“For Americans who think the impeachment hearings have nothing to do with them, think again. Want to leave the door open to a Hitler? A Stalin? A Castro? A Duterte? A Pol Pot? A Putin? An Assad? A Chavez? A Kim Jong Un? A Mussolini? A Mugab? An Amin? #Trump’s the gateway to that,” Midler tweeted Saturday (November 23).

The American star made the statement in light of the ongoing impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump and why Americans should care about politics.

Midler sang the hit songs, “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “From A Distance.” She regularly posts about politics on her social media accounts.

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