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Walang preno! Duterte tells soldiers to shoot female NPA rebels’ vagina


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President Rodrigo Duterte has gotten the ire of feminists again for telling soldiers to shoot female communist rebels in the vagina.

In a speech before former New People’s Army rebels in Malacañang on February 7, Duterte said soldiers should match rebels’ brutality in killing.

“They will say, ‘Okay, how many people are dead?’ ‘Three?’ ‘What?’ ‘Three.’ Son of a b****, don’t lose.’ Are there any women holding guns?’ ‘Sir, she’s a fighter. An Amazona.’ ‘Shoot the vagina,'” he said in Bisaya.

The official Palace transcript, however, censored the word “vagina.”

In a statement Sunday (February 11), Gabriela party-list scored Duterte over the remark, saying it encourages violence against women.

“He has further presented himself as the epitome of misogyny and fascism terribly rolled into one,” said Gabriela party-list Rep. Emmi De Jesus.

“He is dangerously pushing the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines to commit more bloody human rights violations and grave abuses of international humanitarian law, and takes state terrorism against women and the people to a whole new level,” she added.

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