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Epic fail.

Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez is really annoyed about the government’s alleged poor handling of the movement of locally stranded individuals to the provinces.

Gomez has called for the removal of the person in charge of the Hatid Tulong program for supposed disregard for the health of the people. The actor-turned-politiko made the appeal to President Duterte after sharing photos of the overcrowding at the Rizal sports complex that allegedly ignored physical distancing protocols.

“Mr. President, this is the situation right now at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum for the Hatid Tulong program. Just in case no one is showing the real pictures,” Gomez wrote on Facebook, sharing photos of people hoping to catch a ride to their hometowns.

“Who is your person in charge of this program? I am sorry but in my opinion, that person doesn’t know what he is doing in organizing something as big as this. He cannot tell the people to be in an orderly manner. No social distancing for more than 2 days!” he said.

Gomez is concerned that some travelers may get infected with the coronavirus. “How many of them will be infected with Covid as they head home to their provinces this week because of this arrangement!?” he said.

Disappointed with the reported poor organized transmit of stranded travelers, Gomez then called for the revamp of the people leading the Hatid Program.

“Whoever that person heading this program should be fired for insensitivity and no regard for public health!” he said.

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