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Walang utang na loob! Duterte slams Kuwait for abusing OFWs as ‘payback’ for help in Iraq War

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President Rodrigo Duterte is furious at Kuwait for maltreating overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) despite the Philippines’ help during Iraq’s threat of invading its Middle Eastern neighbor.

In a press conference in Davao City Friday (February 9), Duterte reminded Kuwait of the sacrifice that Filipinos made years ago.

“Because of our desire to protect you Kuwait in the future, from Iraq, because Iraq was bent on getting you as part of their territory, we, at that time, during the invasion, considering you and the danger of weapons of mass destruction and verily at the behest of the American government, we were deployed in the Middle East using your country and you saw the workers, the doctors, and the nurses, and other medical personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” he said.

Duterte said Filipinos were “enthusiastic” about defending Kuwait, only for OFWs working there to be abused.

“We did not fail you. O how come my countrymen are now suffering brutality, cruelty, and death? And you seem to be oblivious about it,” he said.

Duterte then showed photos of badly injured OFWs who were abused by their Kuwaiti employers. He said he cannot tolerate their maltreatment.

“Tingnan mo. Parang pinirito, nilitson. Is there something wrong with your culture? Is there something wrong with the values? P***** i** plinantsa ‘yung katawan,” he said.