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Bad manager! Calida wastes P18M ICT equipment: Misused as office racks, left idle to deteriorate


Poor planning. Poor management. Just a waste of resources by embattled Solicitor General Jose Calida.

The Commission on Audit’s latest annual audit report on the Office of the Solicitor General found that Calida wasted close to P18 million worth of network switch cabinets delivered in February last year.

Nearly a year after delivery, COA said 28 of the 39 network cabinets have not yet been installed and were still covered in plastic.

“Thus, the purpose for which project was conceptualized is still not achieved,” it said.

OSG purchased the network switch cabinets as part of its P20-million information and communication technology program to improve the security of the local area network and install more connections.

COA said:” The network cabinets ‎were not used for their intended purpose as they are being used as a rack for office supplies and some were placed outside of their divisions.”

“Thus (these were) exposed to deterioration. Some were already hanging from the ceiling due to defective racks while others are place or kept on the floors,” it added.

COA blamed Calida’s poor planning and mismanagement for the wasted resources. “Had these accessories been procured together with the cabinets, the equipment may be fully operational now.”

COA urged Calida to improve his procurement planning, to avoid delays, and prevent wastage of government resources.

Aside from getting a poor grade ‎in management, COA also chided Calida for getting P7.5 million in excessive allowances by COA.