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WATCH: ‘I-pepe, i-dede!’ Mocha Uson shares racy jingle on federalism


Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson may have turned her back on making sexy films, but she couldn’t help but be naughty even on a topic as serious as federalism.

Uson on Thursday (August 2) made a Facebook live video where she coaxed her friend, fellow Duterte administration supporter Drew Olivar, to dance to a jingle he made on federalism.

The video was titled, “Good News Game Show with Drew and Mocha.”

Addressing the viewers, Uson said at the video’s 4:25 mark:” Gusto niyo bang makita ‘yung sayaw ni Drew sa pederalismo? Paki-pusuan!”

At the 5:10 mark of the video, Olivar was finally convinced to dance to the jingle.

The lyrics are as follows: “I-pepe, i-pepe, i-dede, i-dede, i-pepe-pepe-pepederalismo!”

Olivar suggestively touched his crotch and chest while singing the jingle.

“Pepe” is a Filipino slang for vagina while “dede” is used to refer to a person’s breasts.

The Consultative Committee (Con Com) which drafted a new Constitution has tapped Uson to educate Filipinos on federalism.

Con Com spokesperson Ding Generoso said more Filipinos would know about federalism because she has a huge following on social media, with her Facebook page having close to 5.7 million followers.

Watch Uson’s friend dance to the suggestive federalism jingle below: