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We have carefully prepared for the upcoming impeachment -Ridon


Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte reportedly transmitted the three impeachment complaints lodged against Aquino to Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales III, chairman of the committee on rules, for inclusion of the complaints in the order of business and subsequent referral to the Justice Committee. The impeachment proceedings are expected to commence shortly after said referral. The Daily Tribune

Presently, we in Makabayan are as ready as we can begin to discuss and defend the merits of the impeachment complaints at the House Justice Committee deliberations,” said Ridon, who endorsed the second impeachment complaint against Aquino filed by youth groups.  The Daily Tribune

These past weeks, we have carefully prepared for the upcoming impeachment hearing. Even if there are some quarters who blindly seek to block the impeachment proceedings without first hearing the merits of the case, I and my colleagues in Makabayan remain unflustered.  We believe that the case against Aquino is strong,” Ridon said. The Daily Tribune

To push through with the impeachment complaint is to fulfill our mandate to register the people’s growing call for Aquino to step down. We are not naïve about the power dynamics of Congress, yet we are determined to fight fire with fire,” he added.  The Daily Tribune

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