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Filing an impeachment complaint against a sitting President is not a crime, as far as former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay is concerned.

After President Duterte threatened to send to jail people who will file an impeachment case againt him, Hilbay said the President could not order the arrest of a person just because he wants to.

“(1) The President has no constitutional authority to order the arrest of anyone just bec he wants to,” he tweeted, reacting a news report that the police force is ready to arrest anyone filing an impeachment complaint against Duterte if he would order it.

“(2) The filing of an impeachment complaint is a constitutional prerogative of citizens & members of Congress. It can’t be the basis of a crime. Every day, we sink lower & lower,” he added.

As Duterte marked his third year in office, Hilbay earlier expressed hope that Filipinos will have the courage to embrace the second half of the year with kindness, generosity, and hope.

“May we also have the patience and grit to continue fighting for our country. Conspire with us, universe. Bumawi ka naman,” he said.

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