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We still have to see the actual SARO documents


In a radio interview, Senator  Grace Poe disclosed that Florencio Abad promised during the DAP hearing last July 24 that he will submit to the panel the actual copies of SAROs used for the funding scheme that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. “Up to now, we still have to see the actual SARO documents, on which are indicated the funding sources for those pertinent projects,” Poe said. InterAksyon

Senator Poe said that a week ago,  Abad sent a letter to Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, informing the panel that all SAROs have been uploaded to the DBM web site. But, Poe lamented that she was to learn, it was just the serial numbers of the SAROs that were there, and not the copies of the actual documents. “DBM said that on the SARO is indicated the source of the funding for its corresponding projects, and that was what we wanted to see,” Poe said.  InterAksyon

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