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What a joke! Netizens hit Facebook for choosing ‘mother of fake news’ Rappler as gatekeeper

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Netizens from various sides of the political spectrum are furious at Facebook for choosing Rappler as a third party fact checker in the Philippines.

Since Friday, the Facebook post of Clair Deevy, the website’s head of community affairs for Asia Pacific, has been flooded with hateful comments on the partnership.

It was Deevy who announced that Rappler will be sifting through articles posted on Facebook to check if they had dubious information.

The social networking giant also tapped VERA Files to be a fact checker.

Netizens questioned how Rappler could screen articles when they are also a source of fake news.

“Clair Deevy, better do research first about Rappler. They are the one spreading fake news in the Philippines,” said Kathleen Grace.

“Majority of Filipinos know who Rappler is. Propagandist, partisan. You are asking the wrong person if you want to know the reality of fake news in the Philippines,” said Jay Zara.

James Atencio called Facebook “stupid” for its choice of Rappler and Vera Files as gatekeepers.

“Rappler and VERA Files are the mother of fake news provider in the Philippines. They don’t even have an ounce of credibility,” he said.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has revoked the business permit of Rappler for allowing the United States-based Omidyar Network to gain ownership and control of the company.

Deevy’s post has garnered close to 2,000 comments and counting.