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What I Learned From “Dirty” Politics (Don’t Worry, We Don’t Ask for Donations)

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By Doc Willie Ong

For my senate campaign I have decided not to ask for any monetary donations. Yes, we have seen how the system works and I don’t’ want to be caught in a deadly trap.

My goal is not just to win but to win cleanly, without using money. If I use money, then I will just be like any other candidate. We must fix our BROKEN system of elections if there is to be hope for our country.

How does it work? Candidates “save up” in resources to spend on the people and media during elections. Once you run for political office, people from all walks of like will keep on asking you money in exchange for their support. Then once the politician gets elected, it’s time they “earn” back the money they gave the voters.

Hence, it is no wonder our country is in this sorry state.

The voting public loves a candidate who splurges on money and campaign materials. Everybody loves a winner. But look at the reality of this political office:

  1. A senator’s income is only P117,000 a month. So how come others spend 400 million to over a 1 billion in campaign. How can you expect good laws and decisions to be made with so much donations received from interest groups?
  2. A single 30 second TV Ad spot on primetime TV is worth 1 million pesos. If you buy 100 spots, then that is 100 million pesos. Where will candidates get this money cleanly?

Given this reality, my decision is quite simple and morally correct.

If the competition is decided by the amount of campaign funds then I will not join in that arena. I would rather lose than ask for money from friends and businessmen.

Even if it’s a long shot, I would rather focus on doing it cleanly. Thank God for free Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. There are also a few good mainstream media who will give free exposure for deserving candidates.

People will say, “But you cannot win without spending lots of money.”

Then so be it. Nothing is impossible with God, as they say.

At least I have kept my conscience and soul intact, and “I have fought the good fight.”

Why did I run for the Senate? I want to see how far a clean person can go in this country.  

What people don’t realize is that running for the Senate has no UPSIDE for me. Because this is NOT for money, nor fame.

By running, then everything I have may be affected negatively. My health, my resources, personal safety and even good reputation.

So why do it?

My followers know I have been doing medical charity work for 25 years. All my work is for the poor. And yet so many poor Filipinos still die needlessly from lack of healthcare.

For many years, I have told my followers that “I love them and will do my best to help them.” I want them to know that I was serious when I said that.

This is for the millions of sick and poor Filipinos. This is my sacrifice for them and for God.

I want to inspire and create a new breed of politicians.

I want to bring health back to the people.

I want to bring God back to the country.

Doc Willie Ong

Note: Thank you for spreading the word. No donations asked or needed.

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