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What’s the catch? ‘Super’ Secretary picks up tab at resort for friend– all the time


Remember “Super” Cabinet Secretary (SS) who toured Europe under the guise of going to Germany for official business?

He bumped into a few familiar faces during his trip.

Specifically, SS ran into Influential Personality (IP) and his family, who were also in Europe at the same time he was.

What’s interesting is that IP has been the recipient of SS’ generosity over the years.

IP and his family always receive top notch accommodation whenever they stay at a plush hotel and casino with ties to SS.

It goes without saying that SS foots the bill whenever IP and his family stay at the hotel-casino outside Metro Manila.

Now, why would SS do that?

The answer is anyone’s guess.

But knowing SS, he probably thinks it’s in his best interest to keep IP happy, or everything he has worked on may come crashing down.

While SS has drawn flak for failure to produce results close to a year in office, he’s also known as an astute businessman.

No less than the President likes to brag that SS is among the bright ones in his Cabinet, becoming wealthy even at a young age.

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