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President Duterte is becoming the best campaigner for Vice President Leni Robredo if she runs for president in 2022.

Senator Leila de Lima issued the statement after Duterte blew his top over Robredo’s typhoon relief efforts during a national televised speech last Tuesday. The senator slammed Duterte for his “fiendish mind and venomous mouth.”

“If this is an election period already for 2022, Mr. Duterte, with his fiendish mind and venomous mouth, is emerging to be the best campaigner of VP Leni for President,” De Lima tweeted.

“As Duterte gets low, so low, VP Leni goes high, and higher,” she said.

In a Tuesday’s address to the nation, the President called Robredo a liar for supposedly misleading the public about his whereabouts during the height of Typhoon Ulysses last week. He said Robredo knew he was participating in the online ASEAN summit but still supposedly lied to the public when she questioned his absence.

Duterte was also furious after Robredo apparently upstaged him when she coordinated rescue and relief operations when flash floods hit Cagayan last Friday. He said government resources have been put in place even before the onset of the storm.

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