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Where’s the beef?


By Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

Where is Senator Grace Poe’s program? Or programs?

So far we have heard her defend her inexperience by saying that such is better than experience in corruption. Apples and oranges, really, but who will tell her that? Who will tell her that her logic is flawed but that we can see her responses are carefully calculated Public Relations fueled ones.

I mean, lets face it. Ms. Poe is set up as a candidate not for any purpose but as an antidote to a perceived impending Binay win. Her only claim to fame is her fame. But there is no track record to speak of save her lackluster MTRCB run. And Mamasapano. Where, sadly, she dropped the ball.

So lets take on her inexperience take. The theory is that since she is inexperienced, she will be honest. Since she knows nothing about stealing, she won’t steal. Er… maybe we should skip that part.

On the other hand, lets see how she deals with the politics of power. And in her Mamasapano run, she clearly dropped the ball. To this day, she has only the flimsiest of explanations as to why she has not released the Senate report. She started off well, led in no small part by people’s reactions to how she was handling it. She certainly seemed like she had discovered the true villains in this sad scenario, with no less than 44 dead. Yet in no small part due to her rising popularity and the possibility of a Presidential of Vice Presidential run she caved in.

Sorry guys, no report. Or at least no report forthcoming.

And then… there is nothing else.

So how does the discerning electorate decide that we can put our fate into her supposedly capable hands? Her upbringing? Her associations? Her heretofore undisclosed experiences in the US – what exactly were you doing in the US, Ms. Poe? Seriously. Could you tell us? Because the nasty rumors are getting nastier, and you still have nothing to show by way of platforms for good governance.

Its early, Ms. Poe. We have time to change our minds.

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