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Who’s naughty, nice? Tulfo to submit list of corrupt officials to Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte is looking at Special Envoy to China Mon Tulfo for help in weeding out corrupt officials in government.

In his May 25 Manila Times column, Tulfo shared that he has been asked by Duterte to submit a list of government officials he knows to be corrupt.

“Give me a list of those you know are corrupt,” he quoted the President as saying during their meeting in Malacañang Tuesday (May 21).

Tulfo said Duterte told him he wants to spend the last three years of his term firing corrupt government officials.

Unlike the so-called “narco list,” whose veracity has been questioned by some critics, Tulfo said the list of corrupt government officials that he will give to the President would have been verified.

“Please be assured that the list has been checked and cross-checked. I pored over it many times,” he said.

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