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Who’s next? Netizens slam #Duwagterte for revoking Trillanes amnesty


Twitter is furious over President Duterte’s decision revoking the amnesty given to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for his supposed failure to comply with its requirements.

Some netizens criticized the President’s decision as political persecution while others called Duterte coward for issuing the order while he is visiting Israel.

“One of the hallmarks of dictatorship is political persecution of critics & enemies. And this is what Duterte’s regime is doing now. He & his allies are going after those who they think can derail to their road to Hitlerian totalitarianism: De Lima; Sereno; Trillanes. #Duwagterte,” @MrFrankBaraan tweeted.

Former Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abi Valte commented: “Trillanes’ application for amnesty must have disappeared into the Room of Requirement, where unwanted or lost things go ;-).”

“Sen Sonny Trillanes was a prominent leader of the Oakwood & Manila Pen incidents for which an amnesty was issued by Pres Aquino, and concurred in by Congress. Pres Duterte has no unilateral constitutional authority to nullify an amnesty given and accepted 8 years ago,” former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay said.

“The President is really afraid of Senators de Lima and Trillanes. Period. #Duwagterte,” @rryyyaaaannnn tweeted.

“As clear as daylight. Political vendetta is the name of the game. De Lima. Sereno. Trillanes. So who’s next?,” @KenCallawood wrote.