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Socialite Cat Arambulo became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday (March 17) for her expletive-filled rant against persons who had to pass through checkpoints going to Metro Manila as part of the enhanced community quarantine declared by the government over Luzon.

In an Instagram story uploaded Monday (March 16), Arambulo shared a report aired on CNN Philippines, which showed authorities strictly checking the identification cards of persons passing through a checkpoint from a province going to Metro Manila.

The ID check was a way of verifying that a person has a valid purpose of going to the capital, such as work.

As the video report played on television, Arambulo shouted: “God, why don’t you motherf*ckers stay at home? Stay at home! Don’t you guys get it? Tigas ng ulo. This is exactly why they need the military, because you f*ckers won’t stay at home. Guys, come on!”

Video clips of Arambulo’s Instagram story have become viral online. She was the fifth trending topic on Twitter as of Tuesday night (March 17).

Several netizens bashed the wife of Century Properties Chief Financial Officer Carlo Antonio for her callousness.

“‘God why don’t you motherf*ckers just stay at home’ she said to WORKERS BEING ARRESTED while watching her 52 inch TV SAFE AND SECURE at home. fkn text INFLUENCERS STOP and SEND to 8080!!! ang kakapal nyo hoy. wala KAMING PERA AT SEGURIDAD TULAD NYO,” said Twitter user @darnitJC.

Netizen @bashgita urged businesses which have gotten Arambulo as endorser to switch to Angel Locsin instead.

“Can all the brands sponsoring Cat Arambulo move their support to Angel Locsin? It just feels right,” he said.

Twitter user@argowho said: “Fyi to brands: If the kind of influencers you get are out-of-touch, insensitive folks like Cat Arambulo, that reflects on YOU and YOUR OWN VALUES. Stop signal-boosting their platforms! It’s harmful! Get someone with a brain. And a heart. Not a Cartier bracelet.

Netizen @xoxogHeLa21 tweeted: “nakakagalit!!! the audacity to cursed at people who just want to earn. Sorry Ms. Cat Arambulo those motherfuckers that you called are not as privileged as you. They don’t have the luxury to just stay at home as you do. Insensitive mofo.”

Twitter user @bnanafsh said: “Cat Arambulo: why can’t you motherfuckers stay at home? not everyone is as privileged as you, ma’am. not everyone has the means to stay in the safety in our homes. lumalabas pagka matapobre ng tao.”

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