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Why not trust Maria Ressa? Teddy Locsin calls Rappler foreign investor a ‘moron’


Ambassador Teddy Locsin Jr. has labeled North Base Media co-founder Marcus Brauchli, one of the foreign investors of Rappler, a “moron” for insisting on control over the operations of the social media entity.

Locsin, the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said the foreign investor should have just given the money to Rappler and let its editors run the company.

“No you moron. You just had to put that negative control provision wch the smart SEC Chief spotted. Why was it necessary. You didn’t trust Rapplers people. Now you do it right. Give the money and let em run with it,” tweeted Locsin, a former lawmaker and journalist.

“Technically the culpable party is the foreigner who wanted a measure of control already there without inserting that provision. Just turn off the tap. Rapplers editors had sterling reputations. Why not trust them,” he said.

He said the country has serious corporate laws and regulations “unlike the swindling investors in the US who bend the rules as they please.”