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Why PH is a ‘feudal’ state: Duterte says politikos take at least 30% kickback from all projects

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President Rodrigo Duterte is blaming politikos for keeping a “feudal system” which has kept most Filipinos mired in poverty.

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“We are still stuck in a feudal system because of poverty. We rely too much in the government. And the ones working in government, after a long time of being in office, would begin to believe that they own the government, that it’s heaven sent for them. That’s it, that’s why we remain to have a feudal system,” said Duterte in a speech in Agusan del Norte.

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Duterte said most Filipinos ask their barangay captain, mayor, congressman, governor for medical aid, free education, fertilizers and most often money.

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While the government spends trillions every year, money has become scarce for social and infrasture projects because of corruption by politkos.

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“It does not come naturally because the money is always divided by politicians. The politicians divide money this way. Thirty percent of the budget allocated for a certain project will go straight to the pockets of the congressman. How will he be able to buy good quality cement and buttresses? How will he be able to pay for workers’ wages?” said Duterte.

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“That is why he can only afford to hire five people to work on road projects for the whole year. That road project has been going on for five years. There’s no more money left because of corruption. That’s the truth. Ask anyone, ask a contractor. That’s really how it is. And that is why we are still in a feudal system,” he added. In the P3.757 trillion national budget for this year, Duterte said he ordered Budget Secretary Ben Diokno to make sure to divide the “money equally amongst the regions.”

“Lesser amount of money will be given to the small regions since the big road projects are in the bigger provinces. But everyone will receive something. I will see to it,” said Duterte.

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