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Wife catches philandering politiko ‘in the act’ abroad


Resources and wit may have helped cunning politiko (CP) survive previous controversies, but these proved useless in the latest brouhaha he ‘s embroiled in.

CP now finds himself in hot water after his feisty wife (FW) caught him together with his girlfriend abroad.

FW saw CP acting lovey-dovey with his paramour, as if he were a bachelor.

CP was completely surprised by FW’s appearance in the Asian country he’s in since he thought she’s in the Philippines with their children.

To send the message he’s a doting husband and dad, CP regularly communicates with his family through messaging services, telling them how much he misses them.

CP has been away from the country for quite some time now because of another controversy.

Recently, CP made a video call to FW telling her he misses her company, clueless they’re in the same country at that moment.

Imagine CP’s shock when he saw FW face to face– while he was with his girlfriend.

Suffice it to say, FW did not take what she saw sitting down.