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Wife getting ‘crazy’: Guanzon says ‘dug-youth’ Cardema will go to jail in 5 years when he’s ‘older, bankrupt’

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Commission on Elections commissioner Rowena Guanzon thinks former youth commissioner Ronald Cardema’s fall from grace has just began.

“Maybe he won’t go to jail now, he’ll go to jail in five years when he’s older, much older and bankrupt,” said Guanzon in an interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.

“This guy, whatever he does, he will never be a congressman a representative of the youth sector because he is already ‘dug-youth’ (filthy youth),” she added.

Comelec has declared the 34-year old Cardema ineligible to represent the Duterte Youth party-list which won a seat in the House of Representatives. Party-list nominees seeking to represent the youth sector should be between 25 and 30 years old. Cardema has appealed the decision.

Guanzon said that despite Cardema’s claims of bribery and injustice, he should blame his “stupidity” for losing the Duterte Youth’s seat in Congress.

She said Cardema’s biggest mistake was filing to substitute for his wife, who was qualified, as first nominee of Duterte Youth only to be rejected for being overage. Guanzon said there were no econd chances or re-substitution for Duterte Youth because the deadline for substitution of nominees had lapsed.

“Your wife was qualified but you kicked her out because you are greedy. That’s the trouble with people like you, you don’t follow the law,” said Guanzon.

“I’m sorry for your wife really…she should be sitting as congresswoman now if not for you ‘Cardamac’,” she added.

Guanzon said Cardema might not go to jail now but he certainly would “in five years whens hes older and bankrupt” for lying or material misrepresentation, an election offense

“Now you’re wife is getting crazy also because now your are poor, you have no job, where will you get money?” said Guanzon.

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