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Will AFP, PNP take part in alleged destab plot? Duterte: Your guess is as good as mine

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday (September 13) said the police and military “will have to face the crisis” on whether or not to take part in the supposed destabilization plans against him, but did not hazard a guess about their decision.

In a press conference at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, Duterte reiterated his allegation that the Magdalo group is working together with the Liberal Party and the communist movement to oust him.

He, however, said he will not do something about the supposed threat because he is not a “squatter” in Malacañang.

“So eventually the military and the police will have to face the crisis, the dilemma. Now, what happens next is anybody’s — your guess is as good as mine,” Duterte said.

Both the Liberal Party and the Magdalo group have denied involvement in the alleged plot to oust Duterte.