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Yari si Dick: Lacson not signing Gordon’s Dengvaxia report


Unreasonable remarks, along with signs of a scripted investigation by Sen. Richard Gordon, have prompted Sen. Panfilo Lacson to not sign the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee report on the Dengvaxia scandal.

Lacson said Monday that while he already had reservations about Gordon’s “prejudgment” on the probe, Gordon’s remarks on Sunday served to firm up his decision.

“The unreasonable comments made by Sen. Gordon about me in your news article today just firmed up my decision not to sign his committee report,” Lacson said in a message to Senate media.

He was referring to Gordon’s claims that Lacson did not agree with the draft report because of his friendship with former President Benigno Aquino III.

Last week, Lacson said he found it difficult to believe Aquino was “capable of committing graft and corruption.” (

The draft Blue Ribbon report, which Gordon publicized even before getting the signatures of other senators, had recommended that Aquino be among those charged with graft.

Before releasing the draft report in a press conference, Gordon had monopolized the hearings, almost not allowing anyone else – fellow senators and resource persons included – but himself to talk.

On the other hand, Gordon has yet to fully defend the findings of his committee on extra-judicial killings in the war on drugs.

“While I did not attend a single hearing on Dengvaxia for obvious reason shared by most of my colleagues, I was closely monitoring the proceedings in my office,” Lacson noted of the Dengvaxia hearings.

He added he already had reservations about the investigation based on Gordon’s prejudgment, which he said “was too obvious to ignore.”

“(Gordon) was directing the investigation to suit the outcome that he had desired from the very start,” Lacson said.