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Instead of pushing for sex education, the head of the National Youth Commission (NYC) suggests putting male and female students in separate classrooms to avoid teenage pregnancies.

NYC chairperson Ryan Enriquez said there should be separate sections for male and female students from Grades 7 to 12 since it is around that time that students enter into romantic relationships.

“If boys and girls were assigned to separate class sections; ‘pag project di sila magkasama, kung may pinapagawa ang teacher nila di nila kailangan mag-overnight para matapos ang project,” he said in a television interview.

Enriquez said out-of-school activities could possibly pave the way for students to have sex.

“Kung meron silang activity na magsasama sila sa isang bahay, doon nangyayari, pwedeng maging teenage mother agad-agad,” he said.

The latest data from the Commission on Population showed around 196,000 Filipinos between the ages of 15 and 19 get pregnant yearly.

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