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Zarate urges SC to declare TRAIN law unconstitutional


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Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate urged the Supreme Court (SC) to rule favorably on the petition seeking to declare the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law unconstitutional.

Zarate made the statement as the law’s second tranche of additional taxes on oil and petroleum products hits consumers this month.

Zarate warned that the inflation spike and price shocks last year “may just be the introduction” because the additional taxes this year especially on oil will be higher.

“As can be seen in the first three quarters of 2018 that there is runaway inflation and skyrocketing prices that hit our country. It only subsided when the Duterte administration floated that they would not implement the second tranche of the TRAIN law and oil prices subsided in the world market,” said Zarate.

The militant solon emphasized that with the Department of Finance (DOF) rescinded on their previous proposal to suspend the implementation of the second round of TRAIN Law imperative, “consumers could expect another wave of price shocks to hit consumers.”

An excise tax of P2.50 a liter was imposed on diesel and bunker fuel starting last year due to the TRAIN Act. This went up to P4.50 this year, and P6 in 2020. The excise tax on gasoline also increased to P7 in 2018, and to P9 this year and P10 in 2020.

Zarate said the record-high inflation has brought down hardship upon millions of Filipinos, and this suffering was felt the heaviest by those in the lowest class in the society.

“For them, an P11.40 jack-up in diesel, or P2.80, or even just a single peso can spell the difference between electricity and darkness, food on the table and hunger, even life and death,” said Zarate.

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