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Zubiri certain he got COVID-19 infection in the Senate, not Hong Kong

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Senate Majority Leader Migz Zubiri on Tuesday rejected some insinuation that he contracted the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from his trip in Hong Kong in January with his wife.

Zubiri, who revealed on Monday being infected with COVID-19, believes that he got the disease in the Senate considering that the senators are always exposed to people.

“I would like to make also a correction that our trip with my wife to HK happened on early January before the Covid-19 became serious scare and there still no travel bans at that time,” Zubiri said in a text message.

“So, suffice to say that trip was two and a half months ago and has no bearing on my case. If i got infected it was during this last two weeks of work at the Senate,” he stressed.

Zubiri added, “We were exposed to a lot of visitors from the councilors leagues and mayor leagues as well and possibly during the CA (Commission on Appointments) confirmations.”

“I can only see the possibility being this last two weeks of work,” the senator from Bukidnon said.

Before the adjournment of the Senate session on March 11, Zubiri had appealed to fellow senators to undergo COVID-19 test and refrain from conducting public hearing.

Congress will resume session on May 4.

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